The Best Group of People Ever

This past weekend was my 40th High School Reunion. I wasn’t transported back in time entirely, but rather profoundly struck by the incredible people my classmates had become.

Our class President has gone back to Seminary. Our men and women have their own busnesses: Graphic Design firms, Office furniture, architecture and the works for business, on of our guys — a successful actor/producer/screenwriter/director lived in L.A. for many years and has a long standing marriage of 26 years. Also a believer in the Lord.

 Amazing men and women with big dreams, talked not just about their jobs, photographer for National Geographic, but things they treasured more. A 36 year-old marriage, my friend, the husband involved talked about his treasured morning times with his wife — drinking coffee and reading the paper together. He engaged in this ritual because there was no one else he could sound off the day’s events with the way he liked, or share the laughter of the comic strips the same way. Obviously they were in love and also best friends! They enjoyed each other’s company and had built a bond that would carry them through for another 20-30 years!
One woman talked about taking her grandchild to the pool just that day that we all lived at all Summer. Another about her dear daughter and her new grand daughter who was already showing signs of pure genius.
I listened and talked for two nights. It was so apparent that I graduated in 1971 from Edina High School in MN with an exceptional group of people whose commitment to life and family and values had deepened with time. On Saturday night we talked of the classmates who had gone before us into the next life and the profound influence they had on us, and the many people their lives had touched. It was a beautiful short program of celebration, remembrance and marking the importance they had been to all of us. I went on my own both nights and took pictures. My dear husband, Mike drove me and picked me up so I wouldn’t have to park in a crowded lot in the heat Friday night and so I wouldn’t walk the downtown streets alone on Saturday. I am so beloved and cared for in my life by his devotion, God’s love and my daughter’s sweet attention. I counted my blessings both nights that I was well, healthy, and privileged to attend. I think many people did. The consensus on Facebook today was that we couldn’t wait 10 more years, but would plan one in 5. We had so much fun together and friendships were forged and deepened. We need to keep them up and see all, or as many of us as possible very soon again! Friendships are the stuff of life we discovered those two nights, or maybe we just remembered it from years ago when our friendships were formed, in Kindergarten, Junior High and High School. I am proud to be a member of this delightful, touching, love-filled class. We are a big one. We’re baby boomers. There were over 900 of us. And there are deep memories of wonderful times together. The salt of the earth had a reunion last weekend. And I was there. Thank you dear God.