I Just Had The Most Spectacular Day!

Do you ever have a day that overwhelms you? Sometimes there are hard days that are overwhelming because we’re anxious or stressed. How often are you just overwhelmed by LOVE? The love of your God, the love of dear Twitter friends who just want to show you how they feel about you, the love of precious family and friends at home? Well, I just had one of those days. Hence the picture of the waterfall which represents the outpouring of love I felt today.

It all started Monday evening. I had been reading my friend @997dave Reynold’s first ever blog post. It was really, really good. I tweeted it and thanked him for a great post, the usual stuff you do for a friend. Only he and I didn’t know each other that well, yet. We are best buddies now. We’re fellow #UsGuys, the astonishingly wonderful Twitter tribe or family I call it…Visit them any time 24/7 if you want to laugh, be inspired, learn, or just get involved in a great conversation. Just type in #UsGuys on your Tweet Deck or whatever you use and follow their stream. Hop in and comment, the water’s fine. Just tell them @libbytalks sent you.

So Dave and I were getting to be friends. We had a wonderful exchange, about his blog please click here to read it, his life in BC, Vancouver Island, we Skyped, I followed him on a new social media platform, we shot the breeze. I say this casually, but it was quite intense. God was blessing our new friendship for sure. So I mentioned, not casually, while we were Skyping that I had bi-polar disorder. He was kind of amazed because well, it’s not obvious that I battle this every day. I have learned so much and been so fortunate with meds, good doctors, a God who loves me, and a husband who can’t be beat by anything. So I lead a normal life. I live and work and worship my Lord and chat with friends and love my family. Sometimes it can intrude, but not often anymore at my age. I seem to have hit a very stable phase of this thing and I’m riding the wave. Thanking God all the way. I mentioned to Dave I had written about this a while back and Skyped him the link.

With that it was getting late in my time zone and we called it a night. Then came today, or rather Thursday, because it is now in the wee hours of Friday and I’m writing this down so I can get to sleep. Dave left me a direct message on Twitter asking if he could RT my story. At first I hesitated. There are pros and cons to letting this type of information be tweeted around. Especially since I’m up for a great job right now. But, on second thought, think of all the people who can be helped to know that I struggle this each day, yet I emerge victorious! This is a true story with a happy ending, very powerful and helpful for those who struggle with this disorder or one like it — or live with someone who does — so, I said sure.

The next thing I knew, the most beautiful poem had been written by @Josepf Haslam, chief curator and poet in residence at #UsGuys. It was so beautiful, I cried tears of joy upon reading it and it linked to the post I did in February in which I talked for the first time in the #UsGuys or Twitter for that matter, frankly and openly, as @libbytalks about being bi-polar. Like I’m doing now.

I will continue to be open. Yes I have bi-polar disorder, and no that is not who I am. It’s just something I have, that I deal with daily like diabetes. I keep myself balanced doing all the right things and getting plenty of all of the good things that keep us all healthy — and I THRIVE. Thrive to be the person I have been put here to be. The creature God has created. I am not disabled, handicapped or living half a life. Thankfully, I’m living a whole, exciting, daring, lively and yet peaceful, wonderful life! Thanks to my husband, my friends, my Lord and my whole family here and on Twitter and Facebook, a good doctor and the religious taking of two meds that correct the misfiring that would otherwise be going on in my brain and I live well!

But back to this most wonderful poem. I wantd you to see it and follow the links if you like to my first post. And please come back with your friends and questions. I’m here to answer them if I can. I’m here to help where I can. Thanks dear friends and fellow humans, especially ALL #UsGuys, the best support system on Twitter! Thank you dear @997dave, @Josepf, Deep @xdeepS, all who commented: @Milaspage, @ty_sullivan, @CinziaRolling, so many of you! I love you all!

For those who missed it, please click below to read this lovely, loving poem by Josepf Haslam:

#usguys #poem on #leadfromwithin about @LibbyTalks Heart


I Love My Friend Heather @AliveinMe

“It is not a question of God allowing or not allowing things to happen. It is part of living. Some things we do to ourselves, other things we do to each other. Our Father knows about every bird which falls to the ground, but He does not always prevent it from falling. What are we to learn from this? That our response to what happens is more important than what happens. Here is a mystery: one man’s experience drives him to curse God, while another man’s identical experience drives him to bless God. Your response to what happens is more important than what happens.” –Chip Brogden

Don’t you wonder sometimes why some people suffer so much and your life is sailing on? I wonder this daily about my best friend Heather @AliveinMe. She has had 3 brain surgeries to stop severe epilepsy and is living in constant pain as a result of her 3rd surgery. And she still has seizures! I am so sorry for her suffering and the pain in her life. Even in the midst of it she is an incredible artist: jewelry designer extraordinaire, mom and wife, and an amazing Christian who gives God all praise and doesn’t blame Him for her circumstances.

Now they want to do a 4th surgery! It’s a Corpus Callosotomy http://www.webmd.com/epilepsy/corpus-callosotomy. They want to separate the two hemispheres of her brain in order to control seizures! I don’t know if she will agree to a 4th brain surgery, but the quality of life quotient could push her to it.

If she does decide to go ahead — I want to be there. She lives in Philadelphia. I love her like my own sister. She is more than a friend, she has a big piece of my heart! I don’t want her to feel she has to be strong around me though. When she is crying and in pain a lot, she doesn’t call. Doesn’t want to inflict her emotional and physical pain on others. I do wish she would. I am praying for her with every breath, but I want to help bear her burdens. I love her.

I’m sure that’s how God feels about us when we’re hurting! Please join me in prayer for my dear friend and sister, Heather, @AliveinMe on Twitter. Thank you!

For Heather’s take on the 4th surgery idea, please refer to her blog post: http://hiswill4me.blogspot.com/ And thank you all for the RTs wonderful comments and prayers!

Movies: How They Impact Our Lives #Usblogs #Usguys

This blog post is for week four in the #Usguys #Usblogs weekly blog topics. This week the one we chose is: What we learn from the movies.

Everything I know about life I’ve learned at the movies. Well not quite, but they have made an extraordinary impact on me. I remember seeing “The Brothers Grimm” on the biggest screen in Minneapolis, the Panorama at the Cooper Theater in the early 60’s. Fairy tales came to life! My little cousins, my sister and I were awe-struck. My husband and I, who a year apart in age, remember seeing “How the West Was Won” and later “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World at the same theater.” We didn’t meet until we were in our twenties, but our childhood memories of movies are very similar!

His is favorite movie is “The Godfather”. My favorite is the 1981 Academy Award Winning Best Picture: “Chariots of Fire.” It is the true story of Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell training to run and running in the 1924 Olympic games. I’m not usually big on true stories. I’m a hopeless romantic who grew up watching romantic comedies and musicals of eras gone by, the 30’s and 40’s. But I was moved to the depths by this movies and it changed my life a bit. Certainly it changed my heart.

chariots of fire

Chariots of Fire
Courtesy of Photobucket

When “Chariots of Fire” came out I had written a screenplay, begun in a college class and finished by sheer determination. I had written a true story of my battle with bipolar disorder and peddled it in Hollywood to the likes of Melissa Gilbert, a good friend of my then sister-in-law. My brother is an actor. I was turned down everywhere I went. I had first written the story as a fictionalized account and then my true story. No one was buying either. No one could believe the true version: that my husband left me while I was hospitalized for bipolar disorder and my son died before I was released. It was too sad with not enough relief for the audience. I came through it. God carried me through. I was very relieved, why not the audience?! 🙂

After having my screenplay rejected so many times, I was a bit hardened to the entertainment industry and to the type of stuff they were making. I thought there was no way they would ever pick a story of triumphing over the odds due to a strong will and love for God — the outcome of “Chariots of Fire.” It was a movie of conviction. Eric Liddell’s 100 meter Olympic Race was scheduled for Sunday and he felt it against his beliefs to run on the Sabbath, so he declined to run even at the urgings of the Queen. As it happens he ran a race he hadn’t trained for the 400 meter and won the gold. His teammate, Harold Abrahams took the gold in the 100 meters and the British team went home triumphant! It was so beautifully crafted. It also won best screenplay, best music, and best costumes. I loved every minute of it, but will never forget one line by the Missionary Runner Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson) who said, “God made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.” Immediately my self pity and discouragement over my writing left me. I thought to myself, “When I write, I feel His pleasure!” I think we all have that feeling when we are really clicking and doing something we were born to do. Those may not be your words to describe the feeling, but let me suggest, you could be feeling the pleasure of the One who gave you the talent you are using!

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made, What’s a sundial in the shade?”  Benjamin Franklin