Real Best Friends are Grown not Made!

My best friend and I celebrated our birthdays together the other day! We took time out from busy schedules, family demands from husbands, children and parents to be together for one long, lovely day…! These are the beautiful times, the special, time-stands-still golden times of life that should be marked my sparklers in the desert! Big Smiles and terrific memories.

We have been friends, Lynn and I since we were 13. That’s many decades ago. Sure I have other Best-Type friends, but we have something very unique. History. Time. We’ve gone through the dating years, acne, first jobs, college, young husbands, young children, many surgeries and challenges with our health, mostly mine. The building of our careers, the wearing out of younger bodies, the quizzical  nature of growing older, aging parents, you  name it we’ve been through it together. And looking back at all of it we laugh at the good and the bad times, hug, toast each other and for the moments we are together….ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!



4 thoughts on “Real Best Friends are Grown not Made!

  1. Libby,So great that you & your best friend got to spend a day together in celebration! I agree unique best friend is different. It's like being connected by the heart, know without talking to her that something is wrong or they are having a bad day – it's a feeling or nagging little voice that say… Call… She just needs to hear your voice to make the day better. I wish you and Lynn many more Best Friend time together and celebration!Happy 4th of July to you!

  2. Thanks Denise! It's been a tradition of many years that we celebrate our birthdays together, but this year was especially precious!It's so true about getting that nagging little feeling to call a dear friend and it turns out to be what you both needed! Thanks for the well wishes and enjoy the 4th! 🙂

  3. Lovely post Libby!I, too, have the same best friend since we were 17/18ish (I could say only a few years ago since we're permanently 29 right?) …There is definitely that sense of peace knowing you have a friend who has been there from your unrealistic years, to your realistic years, and all the learning inbetween.Thanks for sharing,Jeannette

  4. Jeannette,Wonderful comment! Yes we've been through it all together…marriage, children, teenagers (another category!)sick parents, death, life's celebrations, Reunions! And have much to laugh about from our "learning" years! 🙂 Libby

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