Halt the Bombing!!!!!

“Halt the Bombing” my best girlfriend yelled to the heavens when she heard I was having surgery on Friday, last week. Another year another surgery?

My husband Mike and I were beginning to wonder when starting in 2006 I kept getting hit with the need for one surgery after another. I thought it all had culminated in the most complicated surgery of my life in January of 2010 when I had a open Celiac artery repair. What?!! Exactly. Who’d ever heard about the condition I had anyway? Now this is where we miss the beat and forget to be thankful. A highly intelligent, gifted gastro-enterologist named Dr. Helou at my clinic: Park Nicollet in St. Louis Park discovered it. And another gifted vascular surgeon proved I had it by giving me an abdominal angiagram and mimicking the condition that was choking off the blood flow to the main artery attending to the digestive system, thereby causing pain and PROVED I had it. This, along with the grace of God, gave me the courage to have the surgery. It also provided him with the map he needed to do the abdominal bypass. It was a miraculous surgery. It was written up in a research paper and presented to all of the Upper GI Department at Park Nicollet, so other doctors would catch the condition typified by: stomach pain, nausea and weight loss, sometimes. Mostly pain, bad pain after eating. And now they had a test to prove the condition true before operating!

It’s hard to have the right attitude when you’re in chronic pain, but this comes close to the outlook I now have on life:

“Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth ‘thrown in’: aim at Earth and you will get neither.” 

— C.S. Lewis  

So I looked Heavenward when hearing I would be having another surgery for two hernias right on my incision line from my last surgery. I explained to my best friend, there was no bombing coming from heaven, just the usual pangs of a creation living after the fall. In other words, the world is NOT perfect and it is NOT God’s fault. That’s how I aim at Heaven in bad circumstances, remember that our God is not the author of Evil, that’s just not in his nature. Evil, decay, death, are a part of the world we live in but we are bound for a better place: Heaven and if we keep our eyes on that we can go through almost anything. I may be bold and say anything. Only if the Lord carries me, but I will go!

It helped a lot not to panic. Not to dwell on the brain swelling incident after my last surgery and some minor complications with anesthesia I would rather not repeat. So I didn’t. I aimed at Heaven and got the blessings this life can offer thrown in. Some people would say I’m very lucky to have come through this last surgery so well. Sailed through it.And though still in the throws of some post-op pain. I know I will be okay this time.

I am very thankful and blessed at the life I have. I have a wonderful husband and daughter Mike Sweiger and Abby Sweiger on Facebook. I am so happy for the many friends on Twitter and Facebook who prayed for me through both of these surgeries! Very grateful to have some new wonderful friends on Twitter, the #UsGuys tribe. One of whom is about my best friend: @JosephGier and @StephenCaggiano and @myagenda, Jeannette, and @Milaspage: Mila and so many many more. Friends like my #BFF for many years Heather @AliveinMe who’s blog is so inspirational: http://hiswill4me.blogspot.com/ and Heather lives in constant unbearable pain! And my dear friends Angie @angels510 and @SuuperG. And dear Rich @RichardBejah who had surgery right before mine. Now these friends are Facebook friends and friends in real life IRL and will be lifetime friends. And dear friend Mary J. Triviski who is a constant support and prayer warrior in life and on Facebook who intends to become a blogger to talk about her heath crisis and help others in the future!

If adversity brings us closer, and it does, then we have stood the test of friendship! If when next it hits we Aim at Heaven, I believe we will be closer to the biggest, best friend in the world and out of it! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Halt the Bombing!!!!!

  1. Awesome Libby!!!! Gonna learn from my two "Jesus Girls" How to be the best BLOGGER EVER!!!!! LOL!!!! I love ya more then ya know!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Libby ..for the mention as the sentiments expressed … Youre one of the kindest souls I have known on this earth as well as good friend. I am so glad you are better. The best to you, Abby and Mike.

  3. So glad everything was on your side Libby and that your faith, along with some great friends, helped you through. As you said, this wasn't anything above bombarding you, but I do still hope that's all you have to weather nonetheless. Best wishes to you and yours for a healthy end to 2011 🙂

  4. Thanks Steve! I appreciate your well wishes for a healthy 2011 and if I could continue that trend for quite some time, I would be most grateful. And thank you for your friendship!

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