Social Media In The CEO’s Suite — #UsBlogs #UsGuys

Everyone wants their company to be up on the latest in Social Media, right? Tweeting the latest information about their growth, answering customers questions, branding, setting themselves apart from the competition with a Terrific Mind-Blowing SoMe Strategy! Not yet perhaps, but they’re getting there. How about the CEO’s — are they blogging and tweeting? Or have they relegating that task to an intern, or a manager adept in Social Media? I have a new client, a start-up, that’s going to be a big company judging from their business plan. They want to make sure when they roll out they’re on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In ALL IN A BIG WAY! Social Media Strategy: still in development. That must be established first! Sooner than later, they want to interact with their Business-to-Business clients and Business-to-Consumer customers in Social Media. They want to be engaged, social, readily accessible and responsive to all! When I built their website we put in a blog for the CEO to post in. Right now he’s posting their progress. I will continue to strongly encourage his involvement, because I believe communicating his vision for their endeavor is vital to its success. One source which conveys this importance is in an article put out by Mashable in June of 2010: How CEO’s Are Using Social Media for Real Results. The article is very inspiring on what the CEO can accomplish by taking a leadership role in Social Media:

Carmen Magar, CEO of Chocri, a make-your-own chocolate bar company, says the exposure makes a difference. “While the competition can see everything (e.g. when customers suggest a new topping) and some of them seem compelled to copy my blog posts nearly word for word, it’s worth it because authenticity rules.”

Authenticity is the important thing above all else in life, marketing and of course: Social Media.  If your company’s CEO/leadership know this, it will help them to be more convinced of the importance of their presence in any Social Media strategy.
*This post was created for the #UsGuys on Twitter and their #UsBlogs initiative which seeks to communicate the importance of Social Media in the lives of companies and individuals.



2 thoughts on “Social Media In The CEO’s Suite — #UsBlogs #UsGuys

  1. I enjoyed participating in C-Suite Social Media Engagement #UsGuysChat I was so pleased to see that there was a transcript of that chat: since other chats like the huge #blogchat are bemoaning the loss of wthashtag that provided transcripts… but it is certainly better to be able to store the transcript on a local blog/site. I had thought that it can't be that difficult especially for a more intimate chat like ours. It's in the transcript but I would like to share once again a relevant article with a video of the CEO and founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz that I produced recently – where he declares the importance of social media for any size enterprise. In the C Suite he certainly gets it. His book Onward may not itself be social media but it will spawn many online quotes with important messages about what Starbucks is.

  2. Thank you for sharing Linda! I appreciate the transcript of the #UsGuysChat and the article and video of Howard Schultz, as well as his book: Onward. All of this great sharing re: Social Media in the C-Suite in invaluable for those of us working with businesses. Thank you for putting the information here. Have a great week! Libby

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