THANK YOU SO Much! Two Years of Tweets and 10,000+ Followers!

I’ve had a very exciting weekend. Personally it’s been quiet and relaxing. Online it has been a total blast! Yesterday, April 30, 2011, my main Twitter account @libbytalks passed the 10,000 follower mark. I never would have believed it if someone had told me this would happen!

I have loved Twitter so much since I began tweeting in earnest in April of 2009 (I joined in 1/09, but hardly tweeted, didn’t get it!). In April, it clicked. For me it was like entering a whole new world. I used to just sit and watch the stream go by. I still abandon Tweet Deck, go online and experience the flow of the stream like I used to. I love the interaction, movement, new ideas flying by. Two years ago I was very ill. I was in a lot of pain. Twitter became a place where I could focus on something other than myself and forget the horrible pain in my body. I am an extrovert to the max and interacting with so many new people, lifted me out of myself and helped me to think about other things: what they had to teach me and how great they were to meet and tweet with.

Twitter is not a religion :). I have my strong faith to carry me through hardship. But it is a delightful gathering place of information, people, humor, living: an impassioned marketplace of ideas! And it’s fun. I remember fondly my friend @Fun2Tweet, now @DailyImage: Chuck from California gave me my first #FollowFriday. He tweeted about me and mentioned my bio…it was funny and sweet. I’ve participated in nearly every #FollowFriday since! I’ve had different accounts than @libbytalks, but they have come and gone. I remain @libbytalks observing, contributing, saying HI to friends, praying for friends facing sadness, exclaiming with joy and triumph their successes.

Who is @libbytalks? She’s just me. My voice. I go on Twitter now in good health, without pain. Whenever I feel the call and have a moment. I don’t schedule tweets. I don’t auto-follow. This account has grown organically and I’ve had great pleasure in the experience. I didn’t invent the moniker for Twitter. Libbytalks was my blogging name. I had been blogging for a few years and on MySpace and Facebook…but nothing flipped my switch like Twitter. I love the immediacy, the instant replies, the quick and yet satisfying interaction with friends who are courteous, caring and add blessing and great value to my life.

I’m celebrating this weekend what I consider to be a real milestone: 10,000 followers, friends I can talk with whenever I want and can share ideas and my loves and observations with day after day. And there is so much I am learning. Six months back maybe, I met a great bunch on Twitter, the #UsGuys tribe and stream. Their chats are ongoing 24/7 and they talk Social Media which has become my passion as well as my livelihood. Beautiful minds, young and not as young (like me) engaging and sharing their insights, blog posts, gems of information found on the Internet that day. A smaller group, a piece of Twitter yet contributing so much content and wisdom. I am proud to be in their ranks.

I’m most happy to be me and enjoy life…on I’m most happy to be me and enjoy life…on Twitter and off. Some of the people IRL (in real life) laugh or don’t understand why I’m on Twitter or how or why anyone would want so many followers. But, my dear mom understood. Eighty-one years old, battling Alzheimers and a recent stroke she said, “I’m not surprised Libby! You love to talk to people and meet new people…to do this every day –it must be so fun for you!” It is fun! A great big party…a 2nd college education…a family I couldn’t be without, and dearest of all: a circle of friends! Thank you for being there and welcome! I couldn’t be happier to meet you! Love, Libby aka @libbytalks


4 thoughts on “THANK YOU SO Much! Two Years of Tweets and 10,000+ Followers!

  1. Libby – I enjoyed reading your post. It is amazing that it is possible to meet so many people and make so many friends with just 140 characters. It took me a while to get Twitter also. But now I feel very at home on Twitter. Many people just don't get it and won't try. And, I loved what your mother said to you.

  2. Steve – It is wonderful how much interaction can happen in 140 characters. It's also a testimony to the many wonderful people who are on Twitter and want to connect and get to know each other. It never ceases to amaze me, either! Yes my mom is the best. Thank you!

  3. Libby I enjoyed reading this so much. its nice to know that you have your values intact and still have an incredible following. You are an inspiration and a model for those of us who want to build our relationship a few at time in an organic and almost handcrafted fashion. i am proud to be your friend and heres to the next 10000! Joe

  4. Thanks Joe! It's been a lot of fun these past 2 years and I look forward to the future with such anticipation. So much is happening in this new world and it's great to be along for the ride, especially with friends like you! I'm grateful.

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