Making a Difference In This World: The Power of Social Media

During my 2+ years on Twitter, I have seen a great many causes supported and lives changed, due to the power of Social Media. It’s amazing how many can truly make a difference! The earliest cause and hash tag I was introduced to was #Eric #ETA. I became part of an awesome group of people supporting a young man, Eric De La Cruz, who couldn’t get a heart transplant due to preexisting conditions and a number of scenarios roadblocked by our current Health Care System. For a synopsis read: 

A burst of tweets, fund-raising, non-stop efforts of his sister Veronica De La Cruz made a real difference. Regardless of your stance on health care reform, you must admire and support the efforts of these brave people instrumental in keeping #Erics story alive before and after his death on July 4, 2009 and their brave fight for change! For an update read: .

Today, the influence of caring hearts on Twitter never sleeps and the power to bring change in people’s lives and in our world is tremendous. #PrayerforJapan #CareforJapan —  the mobilization of thousands upon thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more — are raising money and awareness for the people of Japan! The vastness of support is beyond comprehension and the people on social media are bringing healing to an entire country! For more details on the vast world wide efforts of social media for Japan, please read:
What can be accomplished is enormous, it starts with just one person, just one tweet, one blog, one mention, one update. An avalanche of support later the world is changed. You can make a difference in this world thanks to Twitter, and all of the people involved in the many sites of Social Media!

#UsBlogs #UsGuys blog challenge for March 26th: “Social Media for Social Good”.



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