Happy 96th Uncle Rog!

My husband’s Uncle Rog who I call my Uncle too,  because we are very close and I say he is my uncle!  We share a passion for life, knowledge, computers, photography, people, family — and admiration and love for each other! Love between relatives and friends for the 32 years I have been in the family and married to his prize nephew. Years that have grown ever closer in the passing of time: his Birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on the closest weekend to the day! This year it was on Sunday, March 20th and all of us ventured to Southern Minnesota to Southern Minnesota for his annual party.

Fall days spent in the water, trying to swamp a pontoon boat equipped with his inventions and being unable to do so no matter how many of us leaned over the rail! I had perfect faith in him too. I remember I was wearing my new spring coat, my new glasses and carrying my latest, beloved phone!

The admiration part is just as tangible. I admire Uncle Rog for all the things he has accomplished in his life and all he still plans to do! I hope I have plans at his age and yet when you talk with him, you are constantly struck with the excitement in living in his manner, his speech, the animation in his voice, the power packed knowledge of his amazing mind. He is an inventor first and foremost and is having the prototype for a boat built that will hopefully revolutionize the way the Coast Guard deals with rescues. He admires me for ordinary things that come second nature to me: my blogging, my love of all things social media. The pictures I take with my camera and even phone that look so lifelike. He still can’t get over a camera in a phone!

Here we are squeezing my husband, Mike…Rog’s nephew into the picture! 🙂

After the party we were back at his house and he explained his patent again and the properties of his leisure boats, dreams for rescue boats — and the concrete plans he has for making the waterways safer for everyone. They are the plans and dreams of a much younger man you think, but then you see the intelligence in his eyes and know that there’s a reason this all has taken so many years to develop. Rog has been thinking, advocating, coaching and coaxing them along. Making something out of nothing, the inventor’s gift, his purpose in life, his legacy.



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