Offline Klout: I Know the Source

You hear a lot on Twitter these days about Klout as a measurement of influence online partly due to a company and website of the same name doing just that. Now they’re even saying they may be able to measure offline Klout. Can our influence in the world be measured by algorithms and do we want it to? I don’t think it’s possible and why would we want it to be? I don’t think about clout or influence over family or people in my life much. Maybe it’s because the main “person” in my life I want to please, I already know I can’t influence: God, the source of all true offline clout.


I can please Him, however and here’s how:
Matthew: 22: 37-38 “And He said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38) ‘This is the great and foremost commandment.'”

This is a great verse and I’ve read it many times, but I’ve most recently seen the reference on Twitter. Today, actually on the bio of a new friend.

Family and friends. The next most important relationships to me after my friendship with God. All I want is their love. How does that happen? I care for them — act in a loving way toward them, think of them first…put myself in their shoes — and lead with my heart.

That’s usually how I usually navigate my way through life and have since I was quite young. Not in my own power, but under the steam of He who first loved me. This last week when I was first introduced to and my online Klout score I went a bit nuts. But, thankfully this week three blogging topic from #Usguys #Usblogs about offline Klout got me thinking and helped me. That, along with my new Twitter friend and the verse on her bio put things back into perspective.. So thank you @Project5050 who deserves a blog post of her own, and thank you to #Usguys Twitter tribe — my friends who are always causing me to learn new things. I appreciate the lesson on life and the reminder about the true Source of clout.



5 thoughts on “Offline Klout: I Know the Source

  1. This is an interesting take on "How to Build your offline Klout".I am a firm believer that every good and perfect thing comes from God, and he is the source of our abilities and our influence. But, he is constantly teaching and guiding everyone who follows him, and drawing those who do not to himself.But, I believe we have a choice how much we allow God to work in us. So the more we tap into the plans God has for us, the more chance we have to influence people around us and be Jesus to them. That is the kind of influence I am looking for :)Although, as you brought up, it comes from God. So his plan for us may be to live a life of quiet service. But that does not mean we do not influence people through that sedentary life. We may never see the influence we have on people by living lives of righteousness, but we can be light in the darkness, and that will absolutely shine.

  2. Beautifully put Chris! You're right, the life of God in us should be active, not passive and by tapping into His plans to serve, etc. we do influence others. I appreciate your insights! Looking at the positive side of influence for me has been so great after my challenging week of trying to absorb what Klout was about!:)

  3. Another interesting take Libby! What I love most about the #UsBlogs challenge is the immediate evidence that we are all such individuals in our view of the world and our interpretations of what we see and hear. Being in business I think the form of clout that we desire can actually only be bestowed on us by our clients. The values you offer as a Christian work equally well when working to deliver value to clients…Care for them — act in a loving way toward them, think of them first…put yourself in their shoes — and lead with your heart. Words to live by, whatever your ideology!

  4. Amen = Agreed! We are riding the same wave, Libby.Isn't the Christ of St Mark's gospel, the colossus of clout: he makes major waves, then runs from attention. He loves by sacrifice, and never counts the numbers.You rock Libby Baker from Minneapolis!

  5. Thank you for the great comments Gaby and Mark and Nessa! You are an inspiration to me all three of you! Gaby, you're so right, the Christian way of life will always work in business — putting others first, from the heart. Thanks so much for seeing that in this post.Mark and Nessa! We ARE riding the same wave. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers in your unique and adventurous journey! Thanks for reading! You ROCK! 🙂

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