Best Friends on Twitter Finally Meet!

My very best friend on Twitter and Facebook, Heather Jeanette Siebens, (Hetty) @AliveinMe finally met last week. We were friends from the beginning. We both had a strong faith in Jesus. We both were battling health issues. We both loved our families and friends and life passionately with abandon!

We always wanted to meet, wondering if we would this side of Heaven. Heather was scheduled for brain surgery in early February of 2010. I was having a serious and complicated stomach surgery the end of January of the same year. Hers was to end a siege of constant seizures due to Epilepsy. Mine was to end years of constant pain in my stomach that had become more than I could bear. Neither had guaranteed outcomes. Both were successful, thanks to the prayers of many friends and our families! And the power of the Mighty Lord we serve! Heather however was left with terrible pain in her muscles and bones and partial blindness in one eye. I went through quite a recovery year too with a long period of migraine headaches, possibly from the brain swelling that occurred mysteriously after my surgery, no cause ever determined. We were so fortunate. We were delivered from such chronic illness into joy and active lives. My migraines are almost gone. Heather’s pain level is becoming manageable. We have so much to rejoice in Jesus for!

And rejoice we did for an entire week together! It was almost exactly one year from these surgeries that God had us meet! Heather flew in from Philadelphia on a mommy on her own week and stayed with my husband, Mike and I. We were delighted to have her and had such a wonderful time together!

Heather and I spent the week talking, hugging, making jewelry, shopping, talking, laughing, having pajama parties, joking with husband Mike, eating, sleeping ’til noon and later! 🙂 Talking! Shopping! Pajama Parties! Posting our fun on Facebook daily!  Now posting on Twitter! Eating out! Talking! Behaving like best friends and the true sisters that we are in Jesus and in heart! Visiting Mary Triviski a dear Facebook friend in Lake Elmo, MN (about a 40 minute drive from where I live in Minnetonka, MN). Visiting my mom in South Minneapolis and taking her to Applebee’s to dinner. She had a wonderful time and adopted Heather as a daughter!
What wonderful friendships come of the relationships we find on Twitter and other Social Media sites. If you aren’t a part of one, please join. If you are, don’t collect followers, make friends. You can make friends for a lifetime. Like Heather @AliveinMe and me, Libby @libbytalks! Enjoy! God bless you all!

Pajama Party!

One thought on “Best Friends on Twitter Finally Meet!

  1. What An Awesome Father we have in Heaven!!! You are such a blessing sweetheart & I am now following you on Twitter! God bless you dear Libby!!! I love ya!!!

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