Getting Back in Touch with Twitter Friends

Well I’m pretty nostalgic this morning. I was awakened early by a thunderstorm and I’m not afraid or anything, just very close to my true feelings and thoughts. Perhaps dreaming did this to me, but I don’t remember any. Of course, this is a good thing. I hopped on Twitter and started to reflect on some good friends of mine who have fallen by the wayside since my surgery the end of January. Some extraordinary Twitter friends that have added a lot to my life and I hoped I added something to theirs. But people get busy on Twitter just like everything else, so I have been making overtures, with little result so far. Anyway, it’s been nagging on my subconscious mind in the early morning hours today.

How do you get back in touch with a Twitter friend? Being rather new to this, I’m not quite sure. I am guessing, most importantly, like any friend, you need to open the lines of communication again. Send them messages directly. Try to strike up a conversational tweet. Just this past Friday, an old friend of mine I’d lost touch with recommended me for #FollowFriday which reminded me oooops Libby you’ve sort of forgotten about that friend! Now we are conversing again.

I read the blog of one of my friends I’ve lost touch with and he’s been writing a series on growing your Twitter profile. He and one of his friends may put into a report which I think would be very useful. I’m not interested in having friends for the sake of a number, nor did he recommend that at all, he was against it. He recommends loosing people you aren’t interacting with and focusing on ones you do. Very sound advice and advice I am taking to heart.

My good friends! I want to stay good friends! Wish me luck, Libby


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