Stomach Surgery a Terrific Success! Thanks Lord!!

My surgery on Thursday, January 28th was a terrific success! I am feeling so great now and without pain for the first time in over three years! Recovering from major surgery is sometimes a difficult road, but with the faithful and steadfast God I serve, my wonderful family and the strength I derive from them, it has made for a super fast beginning. I am getting stronger all the time and taking multiple walks daily on my own. One week from today – Saturday, February 27th I am going back to work for a few hours, starting in earnest the following Monday! I can hardly wait. My wonderful part-time job was held open for me through another crisis in life by a caring company where I have worked for 5 years.

I give all the credit for this quick healing to the Lord. It is by His grace that the surgery was so successful! I know he guided the surgeons hands and orchestrated the timing of the surgery. He is so faithful, so loving and so involved in each of our lives…we think good things happen on their own, but they don’t. God is behind every good thing on this earth and delights in blessing and helping His children like any loving father…Of course we have trials and the 3 years of pain before surgery was certainly awful, but He carried me through it and gave us the wisdom to get the operation in the first place. He is a miracle-working God and he works through surgeons and doctors all the time to bring healing. They have the tools, but He is the healer. I am so thankful for what he has done for me!

@Publicity_Chick will remain my counter-part on Twitter with @libbytalks, but I do not plan to keep working my publicity business right now. One thing at a time and I need to get strong and better than ever…in shape and avoid hospitals! It’s another chance I’ve been given and I plan to devote my time to serving my Lord my family and friends and doing what God leads me to do in life right now. God bless you all dear friends!


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