(MikeBitter) Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone ( Original )

The first words of this song were shared in front of my name and a number of other wonderful Twitter ladies by my friend @MikeBitter this morning! He was just paying us all a marvelous compliment, but it encouraged me to tell him about my upcoming surgery this Thursday. He hadn’t heard about it because he usually keeps in touch through my smaller account @Publicity_Chick and my dear friend Hetty @AliveinMe had been sharing prayer requests for my upcoming surgery all over my @libbytalks account. She was taking the time to do this, in the face of the brain surgery she is having just a few days after my vascular surgery! Hetty and Mike are examples of the types of friends you meet on Twitter. Fantastic! Anyway, it got Mike and I talking about my surgery. He was floored, having heard nothing about it. I explained it in brief: I was having an major artery repaired that was trapped by a ligament, damaged, and cutting of a great deal of the blood flow to my digestive system, causing a lot of pain after eating. It had to be fixed. I was reassuring him that I had an excellent surgeon from Mayo in Rochester, MN and I knew God was in charge and all would be fine. He sent me back the most beautiful and reassuring post which I will hold close to my heart. It was: “Let go, let God is so appropriate.You are blessed and He has his hand over you.” I was so touched by what he wrote and that he picked up exactly on what I was feeling. Maybe the 140 characters we to express ourselves in make us careful and succinct in speech, but all the bigger in heart! Twitter love for our fellow humans! Pass it on!!


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