1 Million Tweets for Alzheimers on Twitter!

This morning @libbytalks and @Publicity_Chick got a new Twibbon to wear representing one million tweets to remember people with Alhzeimer’s and contribute attention to their plight, as well as, stepped up research to combat this disorder! The one million signifies the number of tweets and of course the little bird stands for the tweets. This strikes very close to home for me because my beautiful, brilliant mother is so afflicted. It’s been coming on for years. Now her short-term memory is basically gone. I don’t mind so much because I am a talker and it’s my pleasure to repeat things over and over for her in conversation. So we are a good pair. She calls me her fun girl! I try to be. Some times I am sad for all she has lost, but I try not to let her see it, my brave, beautiful mom!

I’m so happy she is still around enough that we can still have good conversations. At times she isn’t herself and then she’ll toss out a word that should be our vocabulary lesson for the day! No wonder I have such a sterling vocabulary. Didn’t lick that off the grass as my grandfather, her dad, used to exclaim! So I plan to keep on learning all I can and keep on tweeting about dementia/Alzheimer’s, see my mom often as possible, talk to her daily — because as long as we can talk and she knows who I am… I haven’t lost her! And if we keep the research up we can stem the tide and lose fewer and fewer great minds like my mom’s!


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