PLS Pray Hetty @AliveinMe is Very Sick with H1N1 Flu

Hetty, my dearest friend of all is very sick with the stupid H1N1 flu. I call it that because I had it myself and I’m getting a bit angry about it. Not that it would attack me but that it would go after my dear friend who already has Epilepsy and being sick gives her seizures. Everyone who reads this or sees the tweet about it please pray that she recovers quickly. This is NOT good at all, indeed very bad. She is a wonderful, caring, giving Christian and a presence on Twitter that cheers many including me. I cannot say much more because I am starting to cry. God, heal my friend I pray. Love you my friends, and thank you ~ Libby


2 thoughts on “PLS Pray Hetty @AliveinMe is Very Sick with H1N1 Flu

  1. Libby– you are the kindest–dearest– gift from God that I praise Jesus for connecting me with…. you are always so vibrant and loving in all circumstances… and WE WILL BE UP TO SEE YOU ALL SOON!!! My hubby is from MN– that will thrill him…. it is like we are sisters meant to be sisters–just finding one another on Twitter!!! AMEN!!! Love you so dearly– with all you go thru– and you say such kind words about others… that is a gift from Jesus!!! Never give it up!! Love you!!In His Love,Hetty @AliveinMe @EpilepsyCures

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