Publicity Chic is Born!

@PublicityChic is born this evening out of the passion I feel for PR and the power publicity has to change the world. Basically it boils down to this: anyone starting a new venture, rolling out a new product or project, trying to draw attention to himself/herself or their talent, cause, etc. — needs a good publicist. I happen to be one. Without giving away too much about my age, lets just say that in the late 80’s when advertising and PR was going like crazy in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) I was privileged to intern and later become an associate at a very prestigious firm and learned everything there was to know from their top Senior VP. I learned it from the ground up and I LOVED IT and still do. Of course, everything is very different now with SEO driven emailed press releases, but it is only more exciting! The reach is so much farther and we can drive traffic to our customers websites and send press releases via email to reporters. We also reach tons of journalist online, because they are doing searches on Google and Yahoo and MSN for their stories. We can help our clients be found by making them newsworthy (like the old days) and by using good keywords in the press releases (like now). NOW is so much more exciting, there is so much more we can do and for less money. Bigger and better results. More placements on radio, TV, magazines and newspapers for our clients — and with less out of pocket for them — than in traditional PR. It’s a great time to be a publicist if you know how to do a good SEO press release with great back linking and key wording and are a dynamo at talking to the media. Well, if you’re me! So I’ve started a new Twitter account with the focus being on publicity — so people can feel free to bring their questions to @PublicityChic. I will offer free advice and enlighten on the dark corners of the mysterious world of publicity and hopefully create some excitement — or what we in the game call BUZZ — for the subject that can mean so much to so many. Well this is @PublicityChic signing off for now. See you on Twitter!


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