Publicist for Musicians through @libbytalks and @LBSConsult Accounts

Without a lot of obnoxious nudging from me, word got out on Twitter that I am a publicist. I started the @LBSConsult account to let people know. I linked a website to that account about my services, at: Every now and then I would mention it, but not that often in the main Twitter stream. It was on my bio on the LBS account and finally on the libbytalks account. If I was talking with friends, if the subject called for it I would mention it. And now, with almost 5,000 friends on libbytalks, I am finding myself with a nice publicity business going. I still have a press release with the Damien Cripps Band from Australia, @DamienCripps on Twitter pending. The entertainment industry is a fun place for any publicist to hang their hat and I’m very happy to be a part of it. I’m going to continue to work very hard and get these guys some great results!


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