Wonderful Friends Because of Twitter!

Twitter is a place to hangout and exchange ideas, converse, thank each other for kindnesses, the list goes one. What you may or may not have read, it is also a place for making lifelong friends. Here are a few of mine. All different, all extraordinary. All would give you the shoes off their feet if you hadn’t any!
Here is my friend Chuck @DailyImage @Fun2Tweet. He was my very first GREAT friend on Twitter. I was quite the newbie when he did an introduction for me. He not only quoted my bio but did a link to my website. No one had ever done anything like that for me before. We were fast friends as my family says, friends from the start. I hope I reciprocate his kindnesses well. Thanks Chuck!
This is Heather @AliveinMe and @Epilepsycures on Twitter, a wonderful Child of God. She came to know Him some what late in her young life. She is making up for lost time! Sharing her faith with everyone and her dramatic testimony –what a delight to know! She has become one of my very best friends on and off Twitter. We Skype and I hardly ever go a day without talking to her. She has had so many awful things to deal with in life –and still does with her health, but she’s not a complainer. She is funny, engaging, full of laughter and fun! Such a very dear friend and sister! She has severe epilepsy and is facing her third brain surgery…so please pray for her safety and wholeness…thank you!
David, Twitter name @RetiredTeacherD also with a strong faith, is very kind and giving soul who has helped me MANY times on Twitter. He is truly a genius with all of this and so helpful to his thousands of friends. Everyone loves @RetiredTeacherD and appreciates his advice and kindness. We have what he has termed an #Eternal Friendship! And his wife Nancy @LoveAlwaysNear is very sweet too!
You probably recognize @DamienCripps from his band’s music and another post on this blog…he is a real great guy my “mate” πŸ™‚ from Perth, Australia — a terrific musician and friend. I’m delighted he and the band are coming to the U.S. for a tour in 2010. Can hardly wait actually. If they cannot make it to Minneapolis, no doubt I will find a way to the nearest city to mine to see them and meet Damien face to face. Early in our friendship, he was delightful to me and took me through a personal tour on Twitter of their songs by sending me links — from “Lemon Tree” to “Universe”. I so enjoyed it and still am as you may now listen to all of them on ReverbNation! http://www.reverbnation.com/damiencrippsband
I have so many other great friends, super girl friends like @nursemom90, @_stoicOne_, @patmish2004 and a great many others. I will continue to highlight them here as a regular feature of this blog. Thanks friends for making such a difference in my day and life! God bless!


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