@DamienCripps Band’s music on @libbytalks Blog

Something new on this site MUSIC! Well it’s here for two reasons. One: I am good friends with Damien Cripps on twitter the name behind this band. Okay three reasons. Two: I love their music and three: I have become a DJ on twitter on BlipFM: libbyspins and I play their music a lot! My husband thought of the name libbyspins…I think it fits. I also have a business account on Twitter now LBSConsult. So I am pretty busy. Running my own business which I have had since 1998, Publicity, PR and marketing, some e-commerce now, my fun and humanitarian twitter account: libbytalks and blippin’ on BlipFM as libbyspins. Is it a wonder my facebook friends have started to wonder what has become of me? 🙂


3 thoughts on “@DamienCripps Band’s music on @libbytalks Blog

  1. Nothing but blessings for all come from you sweet friend of mine!! I am blessed to know you… to be able to talk about so much–and find out about so much in common!! AND LOOK AT THIS—FIND OUT ABOUT THIS BAND—ME THE MUSIC ADDICT!! God brought us together for reasons dear one!! AMEN… You are such a dear friend.. we can't wait to go meet!!! ((HUGS)) ~Hetty @AliveinMe @EpilepsyCures

  2. I'm glad you love this music as much as I dear friend! They are so full of life and the real stuff of living…Damien is such a good friend of mine…I'm going to introduce you two right away on Twitter! – Libby @libbytalks @LBSConsult

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