@DamienCripps Band’s music on @libbytalks Blog

Something new on this site MUSIC! Well it’s here for two reasons. One: I am good friends with Damien Cripps on twitter the name behind this band. Okay three reasons. Two: I love their music and three: I have become a DJ on twitter on BlipFM: libbyspins and I play their music a lot! My husband thought of the name libbyspins…I think it fits. I also have a business account on Twitter now LBSConsult. So I am pretty busy. Running my own business which I have had since 1998, Publicity, PR and marketing, some e-commerce now, my fun and humanitarian twitter account: libbytalks and blippin’ on BlipFM as libbyspins. Is it a wonder my facebook friends have started to wonder what has become of me? 🙂


#ETA Friend Amber @BagOfLips Canvasses for #Eric #HCR, Pls SEE Video

It is one thing to feel passionately for something like reforming the health care system. It is quite another to do something about it. Many people on Twitter are. And many who knew Eric De La Cruz and watched him die under our present system are very passionately trying to help! One of them is my friend Amber.

Regardless of your feelings and beliefs on this particular subject. Please take a minute and watch the video she made and has given me permission to post here below. Learn Eric’s story and understand there are good reasons out there to fight for this change.

Amber as a member of ETA, Eric’s Twitter Army, who you have read about on this blog, is doing a lot and has taken her cause to the streets.

What will you do about this poignant message? It’s between you and the still small voice within.