Poster I made for Eric

I debated what to do with this large poster board I made. Once I finished it, I had no idea how to ship it. I realized it would never hang on a hospital wall — it was made of poster board and too heavy! Many of the designs were scrap booking style and three-dimensional, beautiful, but, heavy. They wouldn’t have worked on regular poster card. Yet this was the vision of what I had to make. It is resting in my living room. Now Eric was gone…I really didn’t know what to do.

Perhaps Veronica De La Cruz and Eric’s mom and family would like it. If we could get the members of #ETA to sign it on something that would stick to it beautifully, that would be wonderful! Maybe my dear friend Kendra would know how to manage it. She knows so much about design. I am merely a frustrated artist!

Miss you #Eric. Think of you often now, especially as I pass this in my living room! I pray for your wise and courageous sister and your entire family, including and your dog Chance. May they find the same peace and victory that you have found in your new life. You are our American Hero, like the beautiful art Kendra created in your name states. Enjoy your new life in heaven and know that we are carrying on for people like you here and standing in the breech for your beloved family, the #ETA, and me @libbytalks.


2 thoughts on “Poster I made for Eric

  1. I would be willing to do up something and send it to you to add my "signature" to it. Would you be able to ship it to them? :)Lovely poster, btw – great idea.

  2. Sure, we are now asking #ETA to photograph their signature and email to me at the email listed on this blog is fine! If you want to mail me something, please send me an email and I'll get you an address. Thanks!

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