Eric’s Twitter Army #ETA

Eric Alexander De La Cruz is living on after his death as any hero will, especially in the hearts of his family and the #ETA his army of followers on Twitter, of which I am one. A friend of mine, Sia developed a beautiful book of the tweets of this group to give to his sister Veronica. I am so close to many of these people and they are so dear to me that I hesitate to mention their names, lest I omit one and hurt someone’s feelings. They are loving, caring people, true friends who prayed and supported Veronica and Eric and family and close friends during the time he was so very ill and waiting for his heart transplant that he died before receiving. Many true journalists have documented this story and I just want to say…that a health care system failed him and was woefully inadequate to meet his needs speedily. It allowed him to get too sick and finally his courage and grit and everyone’s prayers were not enough to carry him through to his new heart. He has a new heart now in heaven is our comfort — and changing the health care system to help people like Eric — his legacy!


2 thoughts on “Eric’s Twitter Army #ETA

  1. Great post Libby! I'm glad I met you through all this. We mourn his passing and we must also celebrate his life. He had many friends, was a DJ, an artist, and a musician in addition to being a loving son and brother.His passing will not be in vain. Thank you for your love and compassion as always.

  2. Thank you Jesse. Your comment means so much. Writing about this helps so much to process. I hope it helps to read it too. You have been such a great friend to me on Twitter and are! Thanks so much for you caring and your love, always, Libby.

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