Life is a once again new for me on Twitter

This is my Twitter picture. My friend Jesse on Twitter made it for me to signify a group of us who are praying for Eric De La Cruz, a young man who needed a new heart. I say needed because he died on July 4th waiting for a donor. Eric was a fighter and a very courageous young man, whose sister Veronica launched a campaign to fight to get him a donor heart and to get him on the transplant list, even moved to the state of California, when the state he was living in: Nevada, wouldn’t and couldn’t. We are so very sad he’s gone. Eric’s Twitter Army #ETA (as they call us) and many others on Twitter are mourning his passing as well as the death of Michael Jackson whose service was yesterday.

It’s like one big community and I find out the news on Twitter before I hear it on TV or the radio, or from my husband like I once did. I spend a lot of time watching the tweets go by in fascination…learning what the people I follow are thinking — and caring — and wondering — and dreaming about that particular minute, or hour, or day.

After only a couple of months of serious tweeting I took a quiz which declared me 71% addicted to Twitter. This makes me very proud. I have been working hard on this. Not necessarily trying to get addicted, the quiz was tongue in cheek, but instead to master the art of tweeting and to learn how to function on Twitter. It isn’t easy. It is a very fast moving stream of thoughts and relationships, complexities and emotions. I find I’m loving it and I’m experiencing a certain awakening as I watch these tweets go by. Awakening to my fellow humans and what they are all about, what they think and feel — and want and need — and most of all perhaps, care about.


2 thoughts on “Life is a once again new for me on Twitter

  1. Since you have had so much more experience with Twitter than I have, perhaps you can tell me where I can DIRECTLY email the Twitter Support Group. I have posted to their forums continually and have never been answered back. I have searched and searched and searched their site for any way that I can have my issue addressed instead of added to the 1500 other people who are having the same problem, apparently without redress either. I have been trying to upload a background for a month and everything else happens, including nice background without the background appearing. The only place specifically allocated to email for this problem is the forum I mentioned earlier, but I don't even think they read those. So perhaps, since you're a pro, you know a secret I don't and could help me to resolve how to talk or email or something a real human being and not just be another name on a list of ignored problems. Thanks so much. BTW: many prayers and blessings to your friend's family. I'm sure the love and support you have offered has been welcomed and cherished more than you could ever know.

  2. I'm very sorry for the problems you're having. I always get my backgrounds through If you'd like to see mine, I'm @libbytalks on Twitter. I do follow @twitter on Twitter. They give out general information on following/follower problems etc. You could follow them and try send them your question or DM'ing them. Otherwise I always submit my questions through the back of my home page to twitter support. Once in a while they help. Sometimes they don't. I know it's very frustrating! This blog is a to show how I'm learning on Twitter. I'm not an expert. I hope this helps! Thanks for the prayers for Eric's family!

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