Eric Poster by ETA is On Its Way Home!

The Eric Poster from ETA (Eric’s Twitter Army) was one of the most rewarding things I have ever been a part of. Women and men mourning Eric’s passing while fighting for health care reform (#HCR on Twitter), leading busy lives, praying for Eric’s sister Veronica and family…sent signatures and beautiful pieces of art to add to the poster. They sent them with great joy and I added them with love, their love and mine, to be a part of something bigger than myself — a community of love and caring — #ETA on Twitter! I believe that what Veronica and Eric fought for is being carried out in the lives of ETA and of course in Veronica’s too — a passion for reform — of caring for others. His dream lives on in the hearts and minds of those who love and remember him and are fighting for #HCR. This is the passion of #ETA and the contributors to this poster. Monday, I pick it up at the framers and have it shipped to Veronica so that her family may have it as a symbol of how much all of us care and pray for them and loved and prayed for Eric. It will be sent from 14 contributors with great love.


#ETA Poster for the De La Cruz Family

I am now collecting signatures on Twitter for the Poster we are going to send to the De La Cruz family as a memorial for Eric’s passing on July 4th. Pictured is the first signature added. I am so sad for the family and yet happy the ETA (Eric’s Twitter Army) have taken an interest in signing the poster. This is truly a labor of love and has gotten my creative juices flowing again too, which is wonderful. I was up all night last night I got so excited. Since I am too old for this type of thing I will crash sometime tomorrow! I have found a great frame for the poster and between friends on #ETA and myself we will get it covered. It’s nice and I know the De La Cruz family will like it. This is a wonderful thing that is happening out of love for Eric and his family, who we grew to love though we didn’t know him personally through our daily thoughts and prayers for him.

Poster I made for Eric

I debated what to do with this large poster board I made. Once I finished it, I had no idea how to ship it. I realized it would never hang on a hospital wall — it was made of poster board and too heavy! Many of the designs were scrap booking style and three-dimensional, beautiful, but, heavy. They wouldn’t have worked on regular poster card. Yet this was the vision of what I had to make. It is resting in my living room. Now Eric was gone…I really didn’t know what to do.

Perhaps Veronica De La Cruz and Eric’s mom and family would like it. If we could get the members of #ETA to sign it on something that would stick to it beautifully, that would be wonderful! Maybe my dear friend Kendra would know how to manage it. She knows so much about design. I am merely a frustrated artist!

Miss you #Eric. Think of you often now, especially as I pass this in my living room! I pray for your wise and courageous sister and your entire family, including and your dog Chance. May they find the same peace and victory that you have found in your new life. You are our American Hero, like the beautiful art Kendra created in your name states. Enjoy your new life in heaven and know that we are carrying on for people like you here and standing in the breech for your beloved family, the #ETA, and me @libbytalks.

Eric’s Twitter Army #ETA

Eric Alexander De La Cruz is living on after his death as any hero will, especially in the hearts of his family and the #ETA his army of followers on Twitter, of which I am one. A friend of mine, Sia developed a beautiful book of the tweets of this group to give to his sister Veronica. I am so close to many of these people and they are so dear to me that I hesitate to mention their names, lest I omit one and hurt someone’s feelings. They are loving, caring people, true friends who prayed and supported Veronica and Eric and family and close friends during the time he was so very ill and waiting for his heart transplant that he died before receiving. Many true journalists have documented this story and I just want to say…that a health care system failed him and was woefully inadequate to meet his needs speedily. It allowed him to get too sick and finally his courage and grit and everyone’s prayers were not enough to carry him through to his new heart. He has a new heart now in heaven is our comfort — and changing the health care system to help people like Eric — his legacy!

Life is a once again new for me on Twitter

This is my Twitter picture. My friend Jesse on Twitter made it for me to signify a group of us who are praying for Eric De La Cruz, a young man who needed a new heart. I say needed because he died on July 4th waiting for a donor. Eric was a fighter and a very courageous young man, whose sister Veronica launched a campaign to fight to get him a donor heart and to get him on the transplant list, even moved to the state of California, when the state he was living in: Nevada, wouldn’t and couldn’t. We are so very sad he’s gone. Eric’s Twitter Army #ETA (as they call us) and many others on Twitter are mourning his passing as well as the death of Michael Jackson whose service was yesterday.

It’s like one big community and I find out the news on Twitter before I hear it on TV or the radio, or from my husband like I once did. I spend a lot of time watching the tweets go by in fascination…learning what the people I follow are thinking — and caring — and wondering — and dreaming about that particular minute, or hour, or day.

After only a couple of months of serious tweeting I took a quiz which declared me 71% addicted to Twitter. This makes me very proud. I have been working hard on this. Not necessarily trying to get addicted, the quiz was tongue in cheek, but instead to master the art of tweeting and to learn how to function on Twitter. It isn’t easy. It is a very fast moving stream of thoughts and relationships, complexities and emotions. I find I’m loving it and I’m experiencing a certain awakening as I watch these tweets go by. Awakening to my fellow humans and what they are all about, what they think and feel — and want and need — and most of all perhaps, care about.